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patented technology buchuk

how it works

Everybody loves cooking, But our’s is different. Here is how it works. Its should be simple. Add how easy is to install your product

Select Recipe

A variety of recipes available in the mobile app. Choose which type of recipe you want to eat.


Choose varities

After selection the recipe, choose from various varities like with or without onions, more or less salt etc.


Yay! Done.

Sit back and relax. Your buchuk can make a delicious recipe in the specified time with love. Happy eating!!

The Benefits

Integrated with IoT

As your device is connected with IoT, you can start making the recipe from anywhere through our mobile app.

AI Enabled

Buchuk has the capability to read and make the recipe from our marketplace without adding it manually.

Personalised diet plans

Buchuk concerned about your health. So, based on the recipes you make, it can give personalised diet plans.

Make your own recipe

You can make customized recipe within 5 minutes by your own and store it.

Sell recipes in marketplace

Place your recipe in our marketplace, if anyone downloads your recipe you can make money.

Customizable taste

You eat spicy or medium or low. As per your taste you can make modificaitons and set your settings.

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50+ Fries

Potato fry, pahari aloo recipe, bhindi fry, carrot fry, cabbage fry, beans fry, raw plantain fry etc.

10+ Dals

Mango Dal, Potato Dal, Palak Dal, Drumstick Flower Dal, Leafy Dals, Tomato Dal etc.

25+ curries

Potato curry, Bhindi curry, Brinjal curry, Carrot curry, Drumstick curry, Beans curry etc.

10+ non-veg items*

chicken curry, fish curry, chicken 65.

Show recipes based on Taste

Just dont eat the recipe. Eat with love. Eat with taste. Buchuk recommends recipes based on your taste.

Download recipes from marketplace

You can download any kind of recipe from buchuk marketplace with a reasonable price.

Start from anywhere

Dont be hurry, buchuk is always there with you. You can connect with buchuk from anywhere and relax.

Make your own recipe

Drag and drop simple UI can make customizable recipes on your own.

Our Varients

The Buchuk

Start and select your recipe from anywhere. It will complete when you reach home. Happy eating

Easy control with Mobile Device

An app is enough to make your life easier. Select your recipe, choose from different varities then submit and relax. Our buchuk can able to read your inputs and start the process.
Eg: If you're at office or get stuck in traffic or If you're not in town etc., Our mobile app is just a click away to make the things ready for you.

Personal diet for Health

Fitness isn’t just about running, biking, or hitting the gym. It’s also about being active throughout the day. The main important thing everyone miss out is diet. 70% diet and 30% workout can makes you fit. Buchuk has the capability of AI that can able to learn from your taste and way of eating and gives you a proper plan for your diet.

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